What size property am I entitled to?

Your exchange could be refused if the landlord considers that the home is either too big or too small.

The size of the property will depend on the policy of the landlord who manages the property that you want to move into. You must always check with the landlord to make sure that you are eligible to move into the property.

Will I be allowed pets?

This will depend on the policy of the landlord who manages the property; confirmation will be detailed in the tenancy agreement.

Will I have the same rights if I swap my home?

When you exchange you may find that your tenancy terms will be different e.g. you may lose the right to buy. You need to check with the new landlord before you go ahead as it’s very important to have a look at what type of tenancy the other tenant has before you apply to swap.

Where you have different types of tenancies, the swap can usually be done, but through a process where you surrender your existing tenancy and are granted a new one. This will usually be the same type of tenancy you had before but there are some exceptions to this. You may also need to check on what kind of rent you will be charged.

Before you go ahead with your application, you should find out what the other landlord's policy is. Check what type of tenancy you would be offered if you swap and what the terms and conditions are.

You can also speak to your own landlord if you are unsure about what this means or want more information about how it works.  

Someone has offered me money to move. Can I accept this?

You and the other person could have your mutual exchange application refused and both could be evicted and lose your homes. Please refer to your landlord’s policy for further information.

How long do exchanges take?

It can take up to 42 days from the day all parties involved, hand in their mutual exchange forms to their landlords and permission to move has been received.

Timescales for moving into your new home will depend on your exchange. For example how many parties are involved, whether you are moving further away or stating in the local area.

Can I change landlords and move anywhere in the UK?

You can swap with another social housing tenant (Council, Housing Association or Arm’s Length Management Organisation) as long as they have a secure or an assured tenancy.

Your search results will show tenants registered directly with our site and the area where they live.  The adverts that meet your requirements will show in ‘My Matches’.

Remember that you will need written agreement from all landlords before the exchange can take place.

The right to withdraw from the exchange

Either tenant can withdraw from the exchange up to the point of signing for each other’s properties.

Can I move back to my old home if I don’t like the property?

If the person you exchanged with is willing to swap back you can reapply for an exchange and provided this is agreed by your landlord the exchange could go ahead.  


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