3 bed House, Woodbridge

Property Details

Property Type: House
Bedrooms: 3
Landlord: Flagship Housing Group
Weekly Rent: £101 - £125
Last Login: 01 Oct 2019

My house is a Semi-detached 3 Bedroom house with an enclosed back garden and open front garden. Off-road parking with enough space for two cars. Quiet residential estate with friendly neighbours. Within walking distance to local amenities e.g supermarkets, banks also a primary and high school both with in walking distance. with good bus links to the surrounding towns I.e. Woodbridge/Ipswich. Traditional market town. Framlingham castle is the focal point of the town with lovely walks and a mere.

Looking For

A 2 bed Bungalow, House within 15 Miles of Norfolk or suffolk .


Flagship Homes

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