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2 bed Flat, Walworth

Property Details

Property Type: Flat
Bedrooms: 2
Landlord: Southwark Council
Floor: 10 or higher
Weekly Rent: £91 - £100
Last Login: 10 Jul 2022

This property is in a urban area and it is close to tube, train, bus routes, schools, surgery, a library, post office, shops and leisure facilities. The property has a car park. It has 2 double bedrooms. 2 balconies. The property also has communal heating and hot water plus double glazing windows.

Looking For

I am looking for any type of property within London or a property no more then a 2-3 hour drive outside London that is a house with a garden. I do not care about the condition of the property, I just want a quick exchange and no time wasters. I will consider a house anywhere in the U.K. if it has a very large garden for personal use, not shared. I will accept any type of property in Leigh-on-sea.
A 2 bed Bungalow, Apartment/Flat, House or Maisonette within 50 Miles of Leigh-on-sea


Southwark Council

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