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House Exchange’s Top Ten Energy Saving Tips:

1) Carry out regular meter readings. If you do not already have one, you could benefit from getting a smart meter. This allows you to check your electricity usage each day. If you receive an estimated bill from your energy provider, be sure to check your meter reading to make sure you are not being over charged. 

2) Rather than using a tumble drier or turning your heating on in the summer months, dry your clothes outside to save you money.

3) Only boil as much water as you need, when both cooking and using the kettle.

4) Replace any existing light bulbs with energy-efficient ones; these can save you money over a long period of time.  

5) When a room is empty, make sure that the lights are turned off, this is an effective way to save money on your energy bills.

6) Having showers instead of regular baths could reduce hot water consumption by up to 50%.

7) Fix dripping taps as soon as possible; one hot water tap can waste the same amount of water as one hot bath in a week.

8) In rooms you use less often, turn the heating down using the radiator valves.  

9) Put lids on saucepans; food will cook quicker saving you time and money.

10) Use your washing machine only when it's full, and set the temperature to 30°C - most washing detergents work well at this temperature. 

There are many ways to save energy, you might not think making small changes will make a big difference but the money you could save will soon add up. Change to online bills if you have not done so already; this will often help make them easier to manage and in some cases can save you money too!

Visit simple energy advice for more information.

Keep warm in the winter

In the winter, the important thing is to avoid wasting the heat you are generating and keep warm. To make sure you use the heat more effectively and stay warm in the cold months, the Department of Health's 'Keep Warm, Keep Well' leaflet is a useful resource for the public.

This aims to protect people's health and reduce harm from severe cold, it gives advice on staying warm and healthy in cold weather and the financial help that is available, covering issues such as healthy lifestyle, flu jabs, and heating.

You can also find out more about keeping warm on the NHS choices website

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