As most people do not move home very often we have put together some helpful reminders to the run up to your exchange


You need to decide whether to do a self-move or use a removal company. Will you be managing the move yourself with the help of family and friends or will you use a removal company?

Removal Company

How to choose a firm?

Ask family & friends or work colleagues for any recommendations

Get at least 3 quotes from removal firms for moving your furniture and belongings, and look for a company which is a member of the British Association of Removers

  • Speak to them in person as this will give you the chance to ask any questions or talk to them about any special requirements you may have and all you have to move. They may want to come and look for themselves which will ensure that you get an accurate quote, as well as ensuring you get the right sized van/lorry needed for all of your possessions
  • Check with them the terms of their insurance policy, you want to make sure your possessions will be covered
  • Ask what their removal service covers and remember to include things like outdoor plants/pots & items from the shed as these can often get overlooked

DIY removal

You have decided to do the move yourself.

  • Make a list of all the items you will be taking. Sometimes it can be helpful to do this per room. Don’t forget your outdoor space and if you have any plants/pots etc.
  • Makes sure you hire a van for the size you need
  • Check with the hire company the terms of their insurance policy, you want to make sure your possessions will be covered
  • Check what period the van is hired for. Check if they do a collect service form your new destination so that you do not have to worry about getting the van back in time
  • Make sure you have enough available and willing family & friends to help


Start early. It is never too early to start packing as it always takes longer than you think!

Start in the loft and work down the house, a room at a time. Label each box clearly with the room and its contents as this will save you time at the other end when unpacking.

If you are using a removal firm they may provide boxes free of charge. If you are arranging the removal yourself, purchasing boxes can be expensive.

  • Check on-line for the cheapest options
  • Check with your local supermarket to see if they have any boxes that are free
  • Ask your family and friends or work colleagues to see if they have any or to save them for you
  • Think in advance about how many boxes you will need and remember you will need a variety of sizes
  • Don't over pack large boxes, as this could make them too heavy to lift. Use strong boxes for heavier items
  • Plan how you will pack your possessions as some things are easy to pack but others will need careful wrapping and may take some time
  • Save old newspapers and magazines as these are good for wrapping and also better for the environment
  • Pack important documents together, such as marriage and birth certificates, and keep these in a safe place.
  • Dismantle furniture as early as possible, it may be impractical for some items until the day of the move, but anything else will give you a head start.

  Do you need to consider a new school?

  • Spend time finding out which schools are in your area.
  • Sit down with your partner or a friend and make a checklist then work down the list for each possible school so you can make the best choices.
  • Visit the schools if you can. Go to a school open day to see what the school has to offer.
  • Try and make an appointment to have a tour around the school with a teacher or head teacher. The teacher should be able to answer all of your questions and show you parts of the school that you may be particularly interested in.
  • Ask about the facilities and after school activities the schools have to offer.
  • Speak to the local council and ask about league tables and exam results, this will tell you how well the school performs.

Remember that it is your child who will be spending most of their time at the school, so listen to their thoughts and comments and make sure they are happy with the school that has been chosen.


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