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This website has been designed and built following best practices and web accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility features include:

Multiple browsers and readers supported.
Text is resizable.
Direct text translation into multiple languages via Google Translate.

We want our website to be as accessible and useable as possible, to comply with W3C principles, and to follow web and online best practices.

Accessibility help, enabling online access to people whatever their ability or disability. A comprehensive guide to getting the most from accessibility features and assistive technologies can be found at AbilityNet

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House Exchange is a joint initiative between Clarion Housing Group and 101Smart Ltd.

Clarion Housing Group Limited is a charitable registered society (Reg No 28038R). Registered with the Regulator for Social Housing (Reg No LH4087) VAT No (675 646 394). Registered office: Level 6, 6 More London Place, Tooley Street, London SE1 2DA.

101 Smart Ltd is a registered limited company in England (Reg No 5294196). Registered office: Unit 15 Beech Avenue, Taverham, Norfolk NR8 6HW.