3 bed House, Great yarmouth

Property Details

Property Type: House
Bedrooms: 3
Landlord: Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Weekly Rent: £81 - £90
Last Login: 17 Jun 2019

I have a 3 bedroom house on shrublands I'm in a very quiet area absolutely lovely neighbours. In an end terrace house of 7. Front and back gardens brick shed. Large front room large master bedroom 2 single rooms. Only need to move as have 4 children 2 who have autism and need a double room so I can split into two. So they have their own space if not I wouldn't move. Looking for a 3 bed with 2 double bedrooms or a dining room

Looking For

A 3 to 4 bed House within 2 Miles of Gorleston .


Great Yarmouth Borough Council

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