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Photo Safety

Your safety when using the services of House Exchange is really important to us.

Uploading a property photo to your House Exchange advert is easy but before taking your photos, please always consider the following:

  • Personal or financial information which is visible in photos could endanger your identity.

    It is really important to safeguard your information when taking photos to prevent the potential misuse of images and information.
  • Depending on what you post, a motivated cybercriminal could learn all sorts of valuable information about you from your photo.

    Be careful not to include in your photo for example, a copy of a bank statement, letter or other confidential documents. These could include your phone number, date of birth, the name of your bank, account numbers, passwords to name a few.

  • Cybercriminals with access to your information could use it to commit financial fraud.

Top tips to take a safe photo to support your advert:

  • Limit the identifiable information that goes with the photo;
  • Do not include visible documents that may identify you or your family, such as bank statements, post showing your address, or any other sensitive documents;
  • For external pictures avoid including your house/flat number in the view;
  • Avoid pictures of children and pets;
  • Be aware of image reflections in mirrors as well; these can easily catch you out!

It’s always good to include photos on your advert as this will enhance your property and maximise your potential swaps. Make sure you read our hints and tips under 'How to improve your matches'! 

By following this photo safety guidance, you can take photos with confidence, and safely upload them to your House Exchange advert.

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